Doom Eternal For Nintendo Switch Gets More Details

So you might have missed the news over the weekend that Doom Eternal isn’t just coming to the [...]

Doom Eternal

So you might have missed the news over the weekend that Doom Eternal isn't just coming to the "big" consoles down the road, but also the Nintendo Switch. Panic Button, the same wizards (YES, WIZARDS) that worked on the Switch ports of Doom and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus are behind the game, and it's set to release at the same time as the other versions, though a specific date wasn't yet given.

That said, Eurogamer has unearthed some new details about the game from Eternal executive producer Marty Stratton and creative director Hugo Martin, and it looks like its edition is more crucial than a lot of gamers may think. Hell, we know we're going to get it day one.

First off, Stratton made it clear that the Switch version would not be delayed behind the others. "That's the plan right now," he said when it came to it releasing at the same time as the other editions. "We'll see. We're still a way away from launching but we have made the decision to make Switch a, what we call internally, 'first class citizen.'"

He also talked about the role reversal, with Panic Button taking point on development right off the bat instead of porting the game from a previous platform. "Before, we made the game and then we brought it to Switch, and now we are making the game with Switch in mind," Stratton explained. "It's nice to know the platforms we want to hit up front."

The game, however, will run at a slower speed. "We don't run at 60 (frames per second) on Switch," said Stratton. "Doom 2016 didn't run at 60 on Switch, it ran at 30, and really it was no sacrifice to the experience." However, he did make it clear it would run at 60 FPS on other platforms.

That's really about it, though when asked about the release date, Stratton noted, "Not getting into the release date yet, but we're doing well -- the game is really coming along."

And it sounds like Panic Button is totally set to bring the experience to the Switch, though it'll no doubt be a massive sized game. Hopefully, by that point, Nintendo will have its upped memory cards in place. We'll see.

Doom Eternal doesn't have a release date but is scheduled to release on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.