Dota 2 Brings The International to Canada

Dota 2’s biggest event of the year, The International, will take place outside of the typical [...]

Dota 2
(Photo: Valve)

Dota 2's biggest event of the year, The International, will take place outside of the typical location as Valve's game heads to Vancouver, British Columbia.

The International 8 will take place in Vancouver at the Rogers Arena, according to an announcement from Valve. The tournament will begin on August 20 and will last until August 25 when this year's victors are crowned.

"For the first time ever, the battle for the Aegis of Champions will be waged on Canadian soil, as The International Dota 2 Championships invite the world's top Dota teams to face off at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, British Columbia on Monday, August 20th through Saturday, August 25th," the announcement on the Dota 2 blog read.

As the announcement stated, this year will mark the first occasion that the tournament has taken place in Canada. Previously, the event was held each year in Seattle, Washington. The Key Arena is the venue that housed the tournament for the past few years, though there were rumors circulating that suggested the tournament location would be moved as a result of renovations planned for the venue.

Valve also confirmed that the ticket sales for The International would begin quite soon on March 23 and would be separated into two different types with varying costs, the first being a Midweek ticket and the second being tickets for the Finals.

"Tickets sales begin on Friday, March 23 at 10:00 AM and 10:00 PM PDT, with two ticket types available. The Midweek ticket—available for $125 CAD—will grant attendance to the first four days of the event, August 20th – 23rd. The Finals ticket—available for $250 CAD—will grant access to the last two days, August 24th and 25th."

These tickets will be sold through Ticketmaster, and players can find out everything they need to know about buying the tickets and attending the event through a ticket FAQ that's been created with info on seating and how to obtain your ticket after purchasing.

Valve also announced more big plans for Dota 2 recently when it unveiled the new Dota 2 Plus subscription program that offers several incentives for a monthly price, though players can subscribe for multiple months to save some money. The Plus subscription includes several opportunities to improve your game through a personal assistant that helps players make decisions along with other features, though there have been some concerns about pay-to-win elements.

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