Dr Disrespect Already Has a Big Problem With Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 isn't even out yet, but Dr Disrespect already has a big problem with it, or more [...]

Battlefield 2042 isn't even out yet, but Dr Disrespect already has a big problem with it, or more specifically, its graphics, which according to the Two-Time, aren't up to snuff, at least not on Xbox. This Sunday, during Xbox's E3 2021 presentation, EA and DICE provided Battlefield fans with their first look at gameplay. And by and large, Battlefield fans were very receptive to what they saw, but not Dr Disrespect.

Watching the gameplay trailer, the YouTube streamer paused it several times to focus on the visual fidelity of the game. And this is where Dr Disrespect began to notice his issue with the game, which he has been full of praise for so far.

"So this is on Xbox, I assume," said the Two-Time while watching the footage. "I think what I have to do is... when it comes to Battlefield 2042, is lower my expectations and, hopefully, that means they exceed them."

The Doc continued:

"I've gotta be honest though, sorry, I do... I've seen better graphics on my old Xbox 360. This is in 4K, right? Yeah… this is in 4K!"

While there have been some criticisms lodged against Battlefield 2042 since its reveal -- primarily for its setting and its lack of a campaign and battle royale mode -- its graphics haven't been called into question very much, but apparently, they don't deliver for Dr Disrespect.

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