Dr Disrespect Loses It Over "Unemployed Idiots" Ruining Call of Duty: Warzone

According to Dr Disrespect, one of YouTube's most popular streamers, "cockroaches and no-life unemployed idiots" are ruining Call of Duty: Warzone. The declaration from the former Call of Duty developer was made during a recent stream of the game. While the Two-Time doesn't play Warzone as much as he used to, it's still one of the games in the hopper, but perhaps for not much longer, as it seems the streamer is losing his sanity over it. 

"There's literally nobody new playing Warzone anymore," claimed the streamer. "It's literally the cockroaches and the no-life unemployed idiots playing this game. That's it!"

The Doc continued:

"It's f****g pathetic. Especially on a Monday. There's a lot of people who are unemployed. And they're unemployed by choice, meaning they're so f****g lazy," he blasted. "You know what I mean? They are 42-years-old, they're still with their mom, down in the basement, out of shape. Pathetic. "They're sitting there, on their video game system stream sniping the f**king two-time, cause they've got nothing else!" he roared. "They got nothing else to do. They got nothing. Nothing going for them. Bunch of f**king pu**ies, right?"

Of course, there's no evidence to support Dr Disrespect's claim, but his moments of rage rarely include citations. That said, the flash of intense anger comes during a dip in momentum for Warzone. Whether people are hanging it up due to all the cockroaches playing on Monday, who knows, but Dr Disrespect isn't alone in feeling done with the game.

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H/T, Dexerto.