Dragon Ball FighterZ Gets Huge Update Before Master Roshi Release

Dragon Ball FighterZ players are eagerly awaiting the release of Master Roshi who’s coming to [...]

Dragon Ball FighterZ players are eagerly awaiting the release of Master Roshi who's coming to the game on September 16th, but before the fighter arrives, there's a big patch to be downloaded first. That update released this week for Dragon Ball FighterZ technically affects every single character in the game since it alters core fighting mechanics like certain special moves and Z Assists, but on top of those changes, it affects a total of 38 fighters individually by altering their moves.

Bandai Namco shared the patch notes for the latest Dragon Ball FighterZ update this week. If you've been following along with updates for the game as they've been released, you'll know that these updates usually come with some beefy patch notes detailing everything that's changed. Given how expansive the roster has become, there's always plenty to take in from the notes.

This week's update is no exception with tons of notes for individual fighters to take heed of depending on who you play or who you seem to face often. You can look through the chart for the patch notes found on Bandai Namco's site to see all the individual changes made to each fighter and can see the general system changes below that'll affect everyone.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Patch 1.25 System Changes

  • Z Assist (C Type)
    • Sped up the attack's start-up (except when the opponent is in hitstun).
    • Reduced damage scaling.
  • Specific Aerial Special Moves
    • Landing attacks outside of the screen high up in the air will now have the camera center back on the action.
  • Training
    • Counterattack conditions can now be set in "Enemy Settings".

With the update now out, the next big release to look forward to is Master Roshi himself. The fighter will release on Wednesday, but only for those who have the FighterZ Pass 3 and have obtained early access for the character. Everyone else will be able to play as him two days later on September 18th if you pick him up as an individual DLC fighter.

To see more of Master Roshi in action, you can check out the new gameplay trailer for the character that released not long ago to preview his moves like the Evil Containment Wave and his version of the Kamehameha.