Dragon Ball FighterZ Coming to Xbox Game Pass PC Soon

Dragon Ball FighterZ is already available via Xbox Game Pass and has been there for a while now, but soon, the game will also be available through Xbox's PC Game Pass service as well. The release of that game on Xbox Game Pass PC was announced on Wednesday with February 24th set as the release date. It'll include the base game which doesn't have the many DLC releases in the package but at least comes with the story mode and the multiplayer environment to keep you busy.

If you're familiar with fighting games and you're familiar with Dragon Ball as a whole, Dragon Ball FighterZ needs little introduction. One of its more interesting angles is that it's a 3v3 fighter where other characters on your team can be used as the main fighters or in more offensive roles. That's not as unique an idea anymore since other games have used a similar setup in the years since Dragon Ball FighterZ released, but it still works well to add to Dragon Ball's fighting formula.

It encompasses characters from all corners of the Dragon Ball franchise including but not limited to the most recent Dragon Ball Super with a stacked roster of characters available in the base game. For those who want to expand their collection of fighters, you've got no shortage of DLC to acquire, but be ready to pay for the individual characters as separate purchases unless you purchase a pass that grants immediate access to multiple fighters.

The good news, however, is that those DLC characters go on sale often enough so that you're bound to find them at a discount if you keep an eye out for that opportunity. Bandai Namco itself publishes enough games that it occasionally has publisher-wide sales that encompass this game, too, so that's another opportunity to own it for good if you ever think you'll allow y our Xbox Game Pass subscription to lapse on PC or Xbox and don't want to lose access to the game.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will come to the Xbox Game Pass PC service on February 24th.