Dragon Quest Slimes Are Edible and Taste Like Lime

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Dragon Quest fans have long been familiar with the jovial Slimes that fill the series, but during PAX West, the community learned a fact about these creatures that they may or may not have really wanted to know. A PAX West panel featuring the developers of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age answered the question of whether or not you can eat Slimes, and that answer is a definitive “yes.” They’re edible, and they taste like lime, according to the developers.

Producer Hokuto Okamoto, director Masato Yagi, and assistant producer Hikari Kubota took the stage during PAX West with the help of some translations for a panel talking about the Dragon Quest series and the development of Dragon Quest XI S. The panel was filled with Dragon Quest fans and was also streamed through the PAX channel on Twitch for those who couldn’t be there. Just over an hour and 20 minutes into the panel, several questions were directed at the developers, one of which was an inquiry on whether or not these slimy companions were edible. The video above shows that question being asked and its answer.

In case anyone was neither at the panel nor were they keeping up with the event by watching at home, the Nintendo of America Twitter account just shot that surprising information right into followers’ feeds as part of a thread of updates from the panel. Nintendo, who had representatives on-site to assist with the questions and answers, reiterated that you could absolutely eat a Slime should you exist in the Dragon Quest world.

Responses to this sudden revelation have been swift. The question now on Dragon Quest fans’ minds: To eat a Slime or not?


Regardless of whether you’re a Slime eater or not, you can catch up on the full panel by watching the video at the top. If you’re just interested in the highlights, check out the rest of the Dragon Quest updates from Nintendo’s tweet thread above.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age is now available on the Nintendo Switch.