The Newest Animal Adventures Dungeons & Dragons Kickstarter is Live

Animal Adventures has launched their newest Kickstarter campaign to fund the production of a full campaign setting book and new cat and dog miniatures to use in Dungeons & Dragons. Earlier today, Animal Adventures launched Secrets of Gullet Cove, a new campaign setting box containing 21 miniatures, maps, and a hardcover book. The Secrets of Gullet Cove adds 11 new cat and dog heroes to the Animal Adventures line, as well as 10 wererats and skelly cat miniatures to act as foes for the party. The hardcover book contains full Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition compatible rules for creating your own adventure, a guide to Gullet Cove, and three adventures to help launch your own Animal Adventures campaign. Additional miniatures and book material will also be added as stretch goals to the campaign.

Animal Adventures had two previous successful Kickstarters in 2018 and 2019 to fund the creation of the Dungeons & Doggies and Cats & Catacombs boxed sets, the first of which is also available to purchase at retail stores. In addition to the popular miniatures, Animal Adventures also released several rules supplements for playing as intelligent animal adventurers, including full backstories for all of their dog adventurers.

I had the opportunity to play an Animal Adventures module last year at Gen Con, and it was an absolute joy. Roleplaying as a very good doggo is a lot of fun and creator Russ Charles has created a remarkably fresh world where these animals live and explore. Personally, I can't recommend the Animal Adventures miniatures enough, so I'm glad that a whole new batch will be released in the nearish future.


The Kickstarter has already reached its initial funding goal and will remain open through February 11th. Fulfillment is expected to occur in February 2021. You can check out more details about the Kickstarter here.