'Dungeons & Dragons' Supplement Provides Excuses for Your Character When You Miss a Session

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement provides some easy explanations for where a character went when a player misses a D&D session. A running joke among D&D fans is that scheduling is the ultimate "endboss" for any D&D campaign. Sorting through five or more schedules can be difficult, not to mention the last minute conflicts than can cause a player to miss a session on short notice. To help keep the story going, Ashley May has released a new DMs Guild supplement designed to give the DM an easy way to "write out" a character when their player isn't present.

I Had to Go Because contains 180 different explanations to give a character a reason to part with their adventuring party. The excuses are sorted assuming that a player picked a character background from the Player's Handbook, but they're general enough to be used by just about any character. Excuses range from having to lay low to avoid a person from a character's past to aiding a loved one or mentor during a period of poor health or time of need.

The neat thing about I Had to Go Because is that most of the explanations can be spun into one-shot adventures or story hooks that allow a character's story to continue even when the player isn't at the table. A DM can incorporate an excuse into the campaign's overarching storyline, or it can just be a reason to explain the absence of a character for either a short or long period of time. By running a solo adventure with your player before they rejoin the table, a DM can advance the character's XP or level so they keep pace with the rest of their party.

I Had to Go Because is a fun supplement designed to deal with one of the more frustrating parts of D&D in a fashion that doesn't take away from a campaign's storyline. If you have players that can't seem to regularly make a session, pick this supplement up today to see if you can find a good reason for why a character keeps seeming to pop in and out of the story regularly.

I Had to Go Because is available on the DMs Guild for $2.95.


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