Dungeons & Dragons: Amazon Leaks Upcoming Dragonlance Novel Release Date

Amazon UK has seemingly confirmed the upcoming release of a new Dragonlance novel written by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Yesterday, Amazon UK quietly put up a "Dragonlance 1" page, with a release date of July 29th, 2021. The book will be 304 pages and will be released in paperback. No other description was given for the upcoming novel, other than it was written by the original Dragonlance authors Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Dragonlance is a classic campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, set in a world where heroes battle against the evil goddess Takhisis and her army of draconian warriors. Originally created by Weis and Hickman in the 1980s, the setting was used for both a series of popular fantasy novels and a slew of gaming products, as well as a handful of video games.

In 2020, news broke that Weis and Hickman had sued Wizards of the Coast, the current owner of Dungeons & Dragons, due to an alleged contract breach over a planned trilogy of new Dragonlance novels, the first written by the duo in over a decade. The lawsuit stated that Weis and Hickman had completed work on the first planned Dragonlance book and was working on a second when Wizards of the Coast informed them that they would no longer accept revisions. That lawsuit was settled out of court later in the year, resulting in a voluntary dismissal and Weis tweeting that "exciting news" would be coming in the weeks ahead. Based on that lawsuit, it's easy to speculate that the leaked book is the completed Dragonlance novel mentioned in the lawsuit.

The revival of Dragonlance also raises questions as to whether Wizards of the Coast would be updating that world for Fifth Edition gameplay. Last year, actor and notable Dragonlance fan Joe Manganiello revealed that he had Fifth Edition stats for draconians, seemingly hinting that Wizards of the Coast was working on new Dragonlance game material. Additionally, Wizards of the Coast also confirmed that they were working on revitalizing three "classic" Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings. As no new game material for Dragonlance has been released since 2008, many fans feel that the time is right for the setting to make a comeback.

In the meantime, Dungeons & Dragons is set to announce their first product for 2021 on Tuesday, January 12th. ComicBook.com will have additional information about that product tomorrow.