Dungeons & Dragons: WizKids Announces Spelljammer Ship Miniatures

Ship combat will be a big part of the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons Spelljammer revival based on some recent WizKids miniatures announcement. WizKids has announced a total of six different D&D Icons of the Realms: Ship Scale miniatures sets, which will be released in October of this year. As the new line of miniatures suggest, the miniatures will be set to a different scale – the ships will be sized on a 1 to 600 scale as opposed to the usual scale (which appears to be about a 1 in 60 scale). The new scale will allow D&D players to play out battles in Wildspace and the Astral Sea. A pair of Battle Mats will also be released to help with the Ship Scale battles.  

Each D&D Icons of the Realms: Ship Scale miniatures sets will come with pre-chosen miniatures based around a different encounter. Miniatures featured in some of the sets include a Solar Dragon, the Astral Dreadnought, a swarm of appropriately named "Murder Comets", as well as several different kinds of ships. In addition to classic Spelljammer vehicles like the mind flayer nautiloid, the tyrant ship, and the wasp, there are also new ship styles like the cosmic horror as well. 

The new ship scale ships should work well with the new Spelljammer: Adventures in Space boxed set due for release in August. The boxed set contains three new D&D rulebooks that help revive the Spelljammer setting, a space opera-esque set that allowed players to travel between different solar systems on magic-powered ships. A recent promotional shot featuring a DM Screen revealed rules for ship combat, which seem to be a variation of the vehicle rules first introduced in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. 


D&D Icons of the Realms: Ship Scale will be released in October. Retail price will be $62.99 per boxed set.