Dying Light 2 Has Gone Gold

Dying Light 2 has now gone gold, developer and publisher Techland announced today. The long-awaited sequel to the apocalyptic open-world title was originally supposed to have launched in just a few short days in December, but Techland revealed earlier this year that the game would instead have to be pushed to 2022. Fortunately, with Dying Light 2 having now gone gold, its launch date shouldn't be pushed again. 

Revealed on the official Dying Light Twitter account today, the studio revealed that its preliminary work on the game has now been completed. "Dying Light 2 has gone gold! It wouldn't be possible without your support over all these years – we will spend an additional time making sure that we'll deliver the best possible experience for you," Techland said in its message on social media. "Thank you for being with us!"

While this announcement is surely the biggest one that Techland made regarding Dying Light 2 today, it wasn't the only piece of news that was conveyed. Later this week on December 2, Techland detailed that it's also planning to show off a new look at gameplay from Dying Light 2 in its latest "Dying 2 Know" stream. These presentations have been held by Techland over the course of 2021, with each new showing giving fans a better glimpse at what the game will have in store when it does release. This week's Dying 2 Know stream promises to show a full 15 minutes of gameplay footage, which makes it one of the more extensive showings we will have received all year long. 

As a whole, Dying Light 2 is poised to finally release next year on February 4, 2022. When it does launch, it will be coming to Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC platforms. 

Are you planning to pick up Dying Light 2 for yourself next year? And what are you hoping to see from this new gameplay stream this week? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.