Dying Light 2 Update Coming Next Week

The silence surrounding Dying Light 2 is finally going to end in a little under a week. After [...]

The silence surrounding Dying Light 2 is finally going to end in a little under a week. After delaying the game indefinitely early last year, Techland hasn't opted to say anything new about its highly-anticipated sequel in well over a year. Fortunately, the time has now once again come where the studio feels comfortable revealing new details on the project, although we don't yet know what those details will look like.

Techland announced on the official Dying Light Twitter account today that it's going to share some new information on Dying Light 2 next week on Wednesday, March 17. A time wasn't given for when this reveal will transpire, but Techland encouraged fans to join the game's Discord server if they wanted to get a look at things ahead of time. As for what is going to be shown off, well, Techland didn't guarantee that new footage of Dying Light 2 will be shared. Instead, the studio simply said that it has "a few words to share" about the title's development.

The fact that we're finally going to hear more about Dying Light 2 isn't much of a surprise given how many teases Techland has been giving fans over the past few months. When 2021 started, the studio implored fans to get excited about the coming year. While not said outright, many naturally assumed that more information on Dying Light 2 would be coming about soon.

This new event from Techland does come about at a rather interesting time for the studio, however. The company has been in the headlines over the past few weeks primarily in regards to how many members of its staff have recently been departing due to issues with management.

As for Dying Light 2 itself, we don't currently have an idea of when the game will be releasing. When it does drop, though, it's going to be released on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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