Dying Light 2 Studio Is Reportedly Losing Staff Members Due To Poor Management

Things seemingly aren’t going well over at Techland. The studio, which is currently working on [...]

Things seemingly aren't going well over at Techland. The studio, which is currently working on Dying Light 2, is said to have been losing quite a few staff members over the past few months. The absences are supposedly the result of poor communication, hostile management, and the lack of direction within the studio as a whole.

In a detailed report from The Gamer, the ongoing situation at Techland was broken down quite a bit. Multiple members of the studio came forward to talk anonymously about what has been transpiring at the company over the past few years. Many painted situations out where those in charge at Techland have either been inappropriate in some manner or have flat-out insulted the work of those at the studio.

Some of the other problems at Techland have come about as a result of the reach held by company CEO, Pawel Marchewka. Specifically, Marchewka hired his wife, Aleksandra, in a position at the studio which later led to her becoming the HR officer. As such, many at the studio feel like they cannot go to Aleksandra with complaints about the CEO since that person in question is her husband.

The report goes on to talk a lot about the greater problems being had at Techland, but in regards to the studio's current project, Dying Light 2, it sounds as though Marchewka and the board of directors have complete control of the game. "Whenever an expert starts advising things that are not aligned with the board's agenda, they slowly get isolated from the project and responsibilities," one anonymous source said in the report. "That leads to them leaving or eventually getting fired. To make a career at Techland, you have to be subservient."

It's hard to know what all of this might mean for an impending release for Dying Light 2, but all of this new information definitely explains why the game has been delayed a few times. The highly-anticipated sequel was originally supposed to release in 2019 before getting delayed to early 2020. Early last year, however, Techland ended up delaying the project indefinitely. Since then, we have seen essentially nothing of the game in action.

At the moment, Dying Light 2 still doesn't have a release date, but it sounds like that could be changing soon enough. Techland has said that more information is set to come about in 2021. We'll be sure to keep you updated here at ComicBook.com if we hear more in the future.