Dying Light Finishes Ongoing Development After 7 Years

After first releasing all the way back in early 2015, developer Techland has today announced that it's finally done with its ongoing support for Dying Light. Following the release of Dying Light 2 in early 2022, it seemed apparent that Techland would soon end up terminating its continued development of the original game. However, this development won't be coming to an end entirely before a new, final version of the game ends up being released. 

Announced via a press release today, Techland made clear that no new content or support for Dying Light will be coming about in the future. Because of this, the studio revealed that it will be releasing Dying Light: Definitive Edition later this week on June 9th. This Definitive Edition will only be available as a digital game but will include the base game and every piece of DLC that it ever received over the course of its lifespan. Best of all, it will be available for up to 70% off when it first becomes available. 

"Dying Light has been a fantastic journey and we are grateful to the community for supporting the game with us during these last seven years," Techland said in a statement. "However, we also understand the sheer number of updates and DLCs released for our game might be daunting for new and returning players. We don't want you to miss out on any part of the full Dying Light experience. That's why we are proud to introduce Dying Light: Definitive Edition!"  

Even though it might be bittersweet to see work on Dying Light now conclude, Techland is still going to continue supporting the sequel for quite a long time. In fact, Dying Light 2 has already been promised to receive five years of post-launch support in the form of new DLC. So if you're still itching for more of what this series has to offer, it won't be in short supply with DL2

If you're looking to pick up Dying Light: Definitive Edition for yourself, it will be available soon on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. A Nintendo Switch version will also be arriving at a later time as well.