EA's Frostbite Engine Reportedly Works On Nintendo Switch

While the Nintendo Switch may not be as powerful a machine as the Xbox One and Playstation 4, that doesn't mean developers can't get great games running on the system. We've already seen what the developers at Panic Button can do with ports of Doom, Rocket League and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. And let's not discount the amazing work on Dark Souls Remastered, either. That said, Electronic Arts could be making a big shift towards the system very soon.

While the company has only provided a small amount of games like FIFA 19 and Fe, that output might increase now that its chief game engine reportedly works on the Switch.

A recent video posted by a YouTuber named Doctre81, which you can see above, indicates that the company may found a solution when it comes to getting its Frostbite engine to run on Nintendo's platform.

In the video, he makes note about an EA engineer's Linkedin page, pointing out how they maintained SDK's for game integration on hardware, including Battlefield V and Anthem. While this isn't an exact indication of getting the engine to run on Switch, it could point out that's what they're working on. Check out the profile image below.

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 6.51.31 PM
(Photo: Doctre81)

The profile wasn't made public, so we couldn't verify this directly. As such, you should probably take this with a grain of salt.

However, if EA has in fact found a solution to getting the tech up and running on Switch, that could mean stronger support for the platform from the publisher, including possible ports of games like Madden NFL, NHL and maybe even action games, such as Anthem.

At the moment, FIFA 19 is up and running on the Switch, but utilizing a specially built engine for the hardware, instead of Frostbite like the other versions currently use. Obviously an upgrade would be the best thing for fans of the series, since the game would run on the same level of quality as Xbox One and PS4.

In the past, the company has noted that it's had struggles getting the Frostbite engine running on the system, resulting in a "smaller, lower-quality version" needing to be made. But if this holds true, EA could have some big surprises for Switch owners over the next few months.


We'll see what the company announces. In the meantime, for those that are curious, FIFA 19 is available now for Nintendo Switch. It's actually not bad, despite the lower-grade engine it uses.

(Hat tip to Nintendo Soup for the details!)