EA Sports F1 24 Shows Off Cover, Reveal Trailer Coming This Week

Max Verstappen was announced as an F1 24 cover athlete, and the reveal trailer is out tomorrow.

The F1 series has been Codemasters' main game since F1 2009. The long-time developer was independent for many years but was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2020. Funnily enough, that brought the franchise back under its original publisher, though an EA team hadn't worked on the game since F1 Career Challenge in 2003. Either way, since the purchase, the F1 series has continued to perform critically and commercially. Recently, EA and Codemasters revealed the covers for EA Sports F1 24, and today, the duo announced that the full reveal trailer is coming on April 18th. 

EA Sports F1 24 Covers Revealed

(Photo: Electronic Arts)

As expected, one of the big cover athletes for EA Sports F1 24 is Max Verstappen. The three-time world champion is the best driver in the sport, and at only 26 years old, likely has several more seasons left on top. Currently Verstappen races for Oracle Red Bull Racing F1, which is the uniform he's donning in the Champions Edition cover for F1 24. This edition includes several goodies, most notably three days of early access. You'll also grab a one-month F1 TV Pro subscription if you're in the USA, making it a solid grab for fans of the sport. 

Meanwhile, the Standard Edition cover features three more racers that most fans will recognize. Ferrari's Charles Leclerc, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, and McLaren racer Lando Norris make for a solid selection of the sport's past, present, and future. If you pre-order the Standard Edition, you'll grab 5,000 PitCoins and the F1 World Starter Pack.

EA Sports F1 24 Reveal Trailer

F1 24 received an initial announcement trailer a few months ago after leaks claimed it was coming, but tomorrow's trailer should be much more substantial. The game is scheduled to launch on May 31st, so Codemasters and EA need to start ramping up the hype machine. Players will likely get an extended look at gameplay and any new modes. It'll be interesting to see what they do with the career mode, especially if they decide to do another season of Breaking Point. Either way, tomorrow's trailer is definitely a must-watch for fans of the racer.

EA Sports F1 24 launches on May 31st on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. Remember, if you buy the Champions Edition, you'll get three days of early access, meaning you'll be able to hop in on May 28.