El Paso, Elsewhere Movie in the Works, LaKeith Stanfield Set to Star

El Paso, Elsewhere is making the jump to the big screen.

A film adaptation of the video game El Paso, Elsewhere is in the works and should see actor LaKeith Stanfield both starring and producing the project. In recent years, video game adaptations for film and TV have started to pick up a lot of steam, especially following the success of The Last of Us, Fallout, and Mortal Kombat. Now, El Paso, Elsewhere is next on tap to get the same treatment, which represents one of the first instances in which an indie title has made this jump. 

Originally reported by Deadline, news of the El Paso, Elsewhere movie is pretty slim for the time being. As mentioned, Stanfield, who has previously starred in Sorry to Bother You, Knives Out, Uncut Gems, and the TV series Atlanta, is currently in discussions to serve as the film's main character. The movie is then set to be produced by Di Bonaventura Pictures and Colin Stark. For now, more specifics on who will write this adaptation or when it might hit theaters have yet to be announced. 

"The film will center on James Savage (Stanfield), who while recovering from a toxic relationship, confronts both his inner demons and enigmatic ex-girlfriend, Janet, before she executes a world-ending ritual," says the synopsis of the adaptation via press release. "James navigates her reality-bending universe of ethereal monsters while facing the truth of his own addictions and skewed sense of self-worth, learning that the only route to love is through healing."

As mentioned, El Paso, Elsewhere is a bit of a surprising game to now be adapted for the big screen. Unlike many other gaming adaptations, El Paso, Elsewhere is an indie title that has far less naming recognition. In fact, El Paso, Elsewhere isn't even a full year old just yet as it originally launched this past September. That being said, those who have played the game have said nothing but good things about it as it currently boasts a "Very Positive" rating on Steam

If you'd like to learn more about El Paso, Elsewhere, you can get a look at the game's launch trailer from 2023 attached below.