Elden Ring Player Speedruns the Game in Under 9 Minutes

An Elden Ring player has found a way to beat the entire game in under nine minutes. With FromSoftware's latest action title having been available for nearly two months at this point, many fans are starting to now speedrun the game on a regular basis to see what is actually possible when it comes to rolling the end credits as fast as possible. And while these completion times have so far varied quite a bit, one user has now found a way to beat Elden Ring in a span of time that no one would have likely ever anticipated just a couple of weeks back. 

As of today, YouTuber Distortion2 uploaded a new video of themselves beating Elden Ring with an official time of 8 minutes and 57 seconds. If you're wondering how it's possible to even do such a thing, well, the way that Distortion2 was able to finish Elden Ring is through various glitches that are in the game. Some versions of speedruns, known as Any% runs, don't require players to actually beat a game in a conventional method. Instead, glitches and other loopholes can be used to more quickly reach the end credits.

Essentially, the way that Distortion2 was able to finish Elden Ring in roughly nine minutes is thanks to something called the "Zip" glitch. This allows players to teleport themselves to different parts of the map, specifically those that would normally be unavailable when playing in a normal way. Combining this glitch with a few other exploits, Distortion2 was able to quickly reach the endgame sections of Elden Ring and access the credits before 10 minutes had even come to pass. 

At this point in time, it remains to be seen if anyone will come along and complete Elden Ring in an even faster time. Although Distortion2 could very well end up shaving a few seconds off of their latest run, it definitely seems like we're reaching the ceiling for what this Zip glitch allows for. Then again, that statement will likely be proven wrong soon enough. 

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