FromSoftware Gives Elden Ring Fans Hope with One Tweet

Remember Elden Ring, the new game from acclaimed developer FromSoftware that even has Game of [...]

Remember Elden Ring, the new game from acclaimed developer FromSoftware that even has Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin working on it? Many people definitely haven't forgotten about the game, but we haven't seen much on it at all ever since it was revealed last year with an imposing trailer before it promptly disappeared. People have looked for it to show up during big events like PlayStation and Xbox showcases without avail, but one of FromSoftware's latest tweets has reassured people that the came does indeed exist and is still in the works.

FromSoftware, the creators of the Dark Souls series and similarly challenging adventures like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, tweeted about the latter this week to share news of an update released for the game. The developer thanked those who've been supporting Sekiro since the game released, and in an addendum to that message, referenced Elden Ring. FromSoftware similarly thanked people who've been sharing their "enthusiasm and support" for Elden Ring ever since its big reveal.

It's not an update to give us more info on the status of the game nor is it any sort of indication of when we'll learn more about it, but considering the drought Elden Ring enthusiasts have been experiencing since the reveal, it's enough for now. With so many games getting pushed back or plans being altered otherwise, people at least know now that Elden Ring still exists.

The community drive behind Elden Ring is an interesting one given that we've seen so little about the game, but it's less surprising when you consider the audience FromSoftware has amassed with its past projects. FromSoftware's Hidetaka Miyazaki served as the game director for numerous titles like most of the Dark Souls games, several Armored Core games, and Bloodborne, so him being attached to this Elden Ring project is more than enough to get people excited for it.

Miyazaki was also the game director on Demon's Souls which people will be able to relive soon if they want some FromSoftware action while they wait for Elden Ring news. The remake of Demon's Souls is coming to the PlayStation 5, and though it'll be developed by Bluepoint Games and not FromSoftware, it's still got the legacy of the original behind it.