Harry Potter Claims First Kill of Mysterious Alien Race in Elite Dangerous

(Photo: @CanonnResearch via Twitter)

The notorious Josh "Harry Potter" Chamberlain is back with another epic feat in the popular online game Elite Dangerous. With the first takedown of an alien ship in the popular title, "Harry Potter" is not only a part of that accomplishment, but he can also claim the right to say the first solo-kill too in the recent battle. Just one more goal obtained in his impressive Elite history.

The battle seen above against the Thargoid race is said to last more than 20 minutes long, setting an intense pace for those participating players. The Cyclops, the alien ship seen in the video, is a sentient being that the crew took a part piece by little piece.

Chamberlain and his team weren't the only ones to take on the enemy ship, but they were the first. Because of the Thargoids ability to regenerate the hull of their vessels, any combat conflict is going to be seen as a challenge right off the bat. Because of this, a special anti-xeno missile system (AX) is imperative in the efforts to wittle the structure down.

Chamberlain spoke to Polygon about his latest adventure stating,

"I had attempted multiple attacks with normal weapons and nothing worked. Some forums mods or people in with Frontier claimed it could be damaged with normal weapons and that we were doing something wrong. It turned out that the new weapons are the only things that can damage them at all. Even with the hearts exposed, normal weapons do nothing. Nothing at all."


Elite Dangerous is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

For more of "Harry Potter's" takedowns in the online PvP title, check out his YouTube channel here.