Endless Legend Is Free to Play for a Limited Time

There has never been a better time for companies to offer free video games. With people around the world practicing social distancing in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, everyone is looking for more ways to spend time in-doors. Thankfully, a number of video game publishers have stepped up to the plate, offering certain games for free. The latest such example is Endless Legend on Steam. From now through March 30th, Steam users can check out the game for free, and those who enjoy the title can purchase Endless Legend, Endless Space 2, and all of their DLC content for 75% off!

In Endless Legend, players can lead one of 8 different civilizations as they try to survive the harsh conditions on the dying planet of Auriga. The planet is suffering from brutally cold winters, leaving its inhabitants struggling to survive. In the strategy game, players must grow food, develop industry, and accumulate wealth. Doing so requires players conquer the land, and build-up stronger cities and fortresses. Naturally, this will lead to some enemy encounters, and battles take place in turn-based combat. The game's randomly generated world should give it plenty of replay value.

Interestingly enough, the idea to offer Endless Legend for free came from developer Amplitude Studios' interactions with fans on social media. A number of people had requested that the team release their upcoming title Humankind early, so fans would have something to enjoy. Unfortunately, the game isn't far enough in development just yet, but Amplitude Studios felt that offering Endless Legend as a free title for a limited time would be the next best thing.


As more publishers and developers offer gamers a chance to try new games during the pandemic, it seems likely that new audiences just might end up discovering new favorite games. People are looking for more ways to pass the time, and video games are a great way to do just that.

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