Epic Games Store Will "Retreat From Exclusives" if Steam Drops Revenue Share, Says Epic CEO

One of the bigger talks of the gaming world as of late has revolved around the Epic Games Store and the amount of exclusives that the company has been announcing for the platform. This has certainly made a few people upset, with many pledging their loyalty to the already-established Steam store from Valve. Epic has stated in the past that they will lower the amount of exclusives at some point, but CEO Tim Sweeney has revealed that they will "hastily organize a retreat from exclusive" if Steam drops their 30% revenue split.

Some concerned games recently engages in a conversation with Sweeney on Twitter to discuss the Epic Games Store and all of the exclusivity. When asked if there was possibly another scenario that would make Epic potentially rethink their stance on everything, Sweeney said the company will continue on the road their on. "30% store dominance is the #1 problem for PC developers, publishers, and everyone who relies on those businesses for their livelihood," he said. "We’re determined to fix it and this is the one approach that will effect major change."

He was then asked if Valve decided to lower the revenue share for those who go through Steam, would they stop nabbing all of the exclusives. "You mean permanently and without major strings attached," Sweeney asked.

With 30% being the standard across the industry, it is interesting to see Epic target Steam the way they have. Then again, the gamers of the world have been doing enough of that on their own. Either way, it's intriguing to think how all of this will play out, especially when the likes of The Outer Worlds and Borderlands 3 arrive later this year.

What do you think about all of this? Do you believe Epic is trying to fix the industry in favor of developers and publishers, or is there possibly something more to it? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!



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