Epic Games Store Is Adding Wishlists and Critic Reviews

Epic Games rolled out a new update for its Epic Games Store right at the end of October to revamp the storefront and pave the way for new features coming in the future. The update was announced on October 31st and was released on the same day with the store’s new look and some optimizations to improve the experience. An insight into other features that are being worked on indicated that critics’ reviews and a wishlist among other things would be added later on.

The most noticeable effect of the update is the new store that users will browse through when they’re shopping for games. A couple of different filtering options will let users sort the games by different categories like genres they want to browse or what other people are playing the most.

“Our first iteration of the new storefront experience is live! You can see what games are trending, filter by genre, and more - find games you love faster and easier than before,” Epic Games said in its October Feature Update. “Please try it out and let us know what you think.”

Even if you’re not buying all of your games from the Epic Games Store, there’s a chance that you’ve got the launcher downloaded so that you can collect the free games it offers every now and then. The optimizations made to the store have made it so that the site handles its visitors better and smooths out moments of high traffic when people try to get the free games and tune in for other events.

As for the future of the store, Epic Games laid out the improvements and features below that are currently in development.


Development in Progress

  • Wishlist – We’re working to bring wishlisting to the store. You’ll be able to wishlist any offer on the store and you’ll be notified of sales or promotions for that offer.
  • Updated Library Grid View – We’re continuing to improve our library. We’ll be updating the visuals for the grid view to better align with the new presentation of games on the storefront. We’ll also be making multiple polish improvements to the existing listview.
  • Critic Reviews – We’re excited to be working with OpenCritic to bring critic reviews to our game detail pages.

The Epic Games Store update for October is now available with those other features planned for a later release.

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