Fall Guys Reveals Hot Fixes for October

New Hot Fixes are now live in Fall Guys, and developer Mediatonic has pulled back the curtain on what fans can expect to see. The Hot Fixes were revealed on the company's Trello page, which can be found right here. On that page, Mediatonic groups together the game's issues by category, so fans can see what the company knows about, what issues are currently being investigated, and which problems are slated to be fixed next. As a result, fans get a window into the process and how things are progressing! On Twitter, the company posted an image of the Hot Fixes, which can be found embedded below.

It's refreshing to see how Mediatonic is keeping players in the loop regarding fixes that the team is currently working on. It's incredibly common for smaller bugs to crop up unexpectedly in online games like Fall Guys, and patches tend to get released frequently. Giving players a role in the process and allowing them to suggest future fixes is a great way to strengthen ties to the overall player community. Online games can only thrive as long as players feel an attachment to them, and Mediatonic's online team has done a terrific job finding ways to connect and communicate with its players.

Since its release in August, Fall Guys has become a major hit with audiences. The game's simple concept and bright visuals have captivated millions of players. This success quickly resulted in demand for the game on additional platforms, but there has been no news regarding a version of Fall Guys for Xbox or Nintendo Switch, as of this writing. While Mediatonic has shown an interest in bringing Fall Guys to additional gaming platforms, it also seems that the developer is trying to focus on the current versions of the game, first. Fixes such as these show that Mediatonic is focused on doing just that, which should help the game continue to thrive.

Fall Guys is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage right here.

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