Here's Fall Guys Reimagined as a Nintendo Game Boy Advance Game

Fans want to see Fall Guys on more gaming platforms, but what if it was released on the Game Boy Advance? In an awesome piece by artist Ryan Kamos, the mega popular battle royale game has been reimagined as a title for Nintendo's old handheld. Of course, the Game Boy Advance predates Fall Guys by about 19 years, but somehow it feels like a pretty strong fit. The game's designs lend themselves well to the pixel-art style that was common on the GBA platform, and the result is nothing short of charming! You can check out the piece in Kamos' Tweet below.

The image above has become a massive hit on social media. It's even been shared by the official Fall Guys Twitter account! Hopefully all of the positive attention will convince Fall Guys fans to check out Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. The game is developed by Tropical Puppy, and Kamos is the main artist for the indie developer. The title is a farm RPG, similar to franchises like Harvest Moon and Story of Seasons, and is currently available on Steam. Those who enjoy the art in Kamos' Fall Guys Tweet might be interested in seeing a full game featuring his pixel-art talents! Readers can find out more about the game right here.

While a Game Boy Advance version of Fall Guys probably won't be happening, it does appear that developer Mediatonic is considering other platforms for the popular battle royale game. Following the game's massive success, the company is asking fans to let them know what platforms they want to see the game come to next. As such, a version for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, or mobile could happen sometime in the future! However, given the fact that the game only just released last week, it seems that fans waiting to see the game arrive on other systems should expect to wait for a bit.

Fall Guys is currently available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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