Fall Guys Teases Season 4 Release Date Trailer, Double Fame Points Event

Fall Guys players who’ve been eager to know more about Season 4 have been getting some bits of [...]

Fall Guys players who've been eager to know more about Season 4 have been getting some bits of information recently, but it won't be long until we get our best look yet at the next season. In an announcement for an announcement, Fall Guys developer Mediatonic said this week it plans to release the first Season 4 trailer on March 15th that'll include the season's release date. That trailer will be accompanied by a Double Fame Points event that'll go live in Fall Guys, presumably until the next season officially begins.

The promise of the Fall Guys trailer for Season 4 came from a tweet shared by the official Fall Guys Twitter account. Mediatonic said it's "working really hard on Season 4" while saying we're now getting "very close to launch," but the date for the new season hasn't been announced yet. We'll get that next week on Monday when the Season 4 trailer drops.

Just as Fall Guys has done in the past, the final few days before Season 4 starts will be graced by the Double Fame Points event. Collecting Fame Points is what allows players to progress through the various tiers in the Fame tracker that consists of different rewards throughout the season. It's Fall Guys' equivalent to a battle pass and houses everything under one track instead of offering a premium variant, so the Double Fame Points event will put every player on equal footing to earn more Fame Points than they would otherwise.

The fourth season of Fall Guys, for those who missed the teaser trailer shared recently, will be centered around the future, space, and related themes. We've seen one skin already that illustrated that idea with four more revealed afterwards that doubled down on the "Fall Guys 4041" name given to the next season since its first tease was released.

It's also worth noting that Season 4 will be the first full season of Fall Guys that's taken place after Epic Games purchased Tonic Games Group, the company that Mediatonic and therefore Fall Guys are part of. It hasn't been detailed what the future of Fall Guys looks like following that purchase. Rocket League, for example, was bought by Epic Games and converted to a free-to-play experience. It was added to the Epic Games Store and was made unavailable to download through Steam at the same time, though the game could still be played through Steam if you'd already purchased it there.

Fall Guys' Season 4 release date trailer will be released on March 15th.