Rocket League Is Going Free to Play

Psyonix's hit Rocket League game will become free to play starting this summer, the studio announced. The transition from a paid game to a free one will be ushered in by a sizable update that'll include changes to various Rocket League systems like tournaments and challenges, and we'll also see the addition of cross-platform progression at the same time. Rocket League will also then be available through the Epic Games Store following Epic Games' acquisition of Psyonix in May 2019, and when it's released on the Epic Games Store, it'll no longer be downloadable through Steam.

The free-to-play announcement was shared by Psyonix on Tuesday to confirm the news and the timeframe for when the game will no longer be sold. Aside from transitioning to a free product, the other contents of the update including the cross-progression support are features to look forward to.

Those who already own Rocket League from purchasing it before – perhaps on multiple platforms – will be wondering then what this update means for them and what they'll get out of the deal since they've already bought the game. Psyonix said those who've purchased the game before the free-to-play release will be honored with a "Legacy" status that'll include a couple of rewards.

Legacy players get all of the Rocket League-branded DLC released prior to the transition which will see over 200 items upgraded to the Legacy quality. You'll also get three new cosmetics: The Golden Cosmos Boost, Dieci-Oro Wheels, and the Huntress Player Banner. If you purchased the game before this announcement was made, you'll get the Faded Cosmos Boost, too. Along with those perks, Legacy players will get a unique title tied to their accounts that's formatted as "Est. 20XX" to signify when the player first started playing Rocket League.

Rocket League Player Title
(Photo: Psyonix)

Once cross-progression is added, it'll apply to players' inventories, Rocket Pass progress, and ranked stats. You'll need an Epic Games account to use the cross-progression features which will be enabled after your accounts are linked.


For those who are playing on Steam now, you won't have to worry about leaving your platform to play Rocket League elsewhere. Though the game won't be sold through Steam after the free-to-play update releases, the Steam version of the game will still be fully supported with updates and new content in the future.

An exact date for when Rocket League will become free has not yet been announced. More information about the changes coming to the game's tournaments and challenges will be shared at a later date.