Fall Guys Reveals First Season 4 Skin

Fall Guys is heading to the future for its fourth season with “Fall Guys 4041” scheduled to start at an unannounced date, and ahead of that season’s launch, we’ve gotten a look at the first Season 4 skin. It sticks with the futuristic theme of the new season by putting a Fall Guys Twist on a U.F.O., and it’ll be obtainable through Fall Guys’ battle pass reward system. Fall Guys developer Mediatonic also confirmed that the new Fame Path battle pass will have 50 levels this time to give players more room to progress throughout the season.

The reveal of the first Fall Guys Season 4 skin called the “U.F.G.” happened on Saturday courtesy of Mediatonic and IGN. Instead of teasing fragments of skins and elements from new Fall Guys content over time, the pair revealed the skin in full this weekend to show off a green Fall Guys bean person with antennas who’s riding in some sort of vehicle resembling a U.F.O.

As the reveal tweet indicated, Fall Guys players will get their first half of the U.F.G. skin at level 49 within the Fame Path. At level 42, the second half will be unlocked.

Unlike many of the other Fall Guys skins which sometimes look odd when they’re mixed and matched together, the bottom half of this skin appears to have a ton of potential when pairing it with other tops. You’ll basically be able to turn whatever your favorite top is into an alien of sorts since it’ll be riding in the U.F.O., so expect to see this skin used pretty often once enough players have climbed through the Fame Path ranks to earn it.


Aside from the theme and a brief trailer meant to set the mood for Season 4, this skin is the first and best look at the next season that we’ve gotten so far. Those fragmented teasers may still come later to preview parts of new elements, courses, and other skins coming in Season 4 until the season is fully underway.

As for the skins available now, Fall Guys players will want to make sure they grab the Cuphead skins available this weekend before they’re removed, assuming they’ve got enough Crowns to purchase the cosmetics.