Fallout 76 Halloween Update Details, Release Date Revealed

Bethesda released new details pertaining to Fallout 76's next update this week to give players an idea of when the next patch will be released and what'll be included. It's scheduled to go live on October 19th, the developers said, and with it will come this year's Halloween festivities just as we've seen in plenty of other games already. Unique Scorched variants with tons of loot, free Atomic Shop items and associated challenges, more to come were just a few of the highlights of the update preview.

These events always have something for players to shoot at regardless of what else is included, and this time, that means taking aim at some Spooky Scorched creatures. These are tougher than the normal Scorched you'll encounter, but they've got rewards to match.

"From October 19 – November 2, you'll occasionally run into these "Spooky Scorched" during your adventures in Appalachia," Bethesda said. "Each one will spawn as legendary, and taking them down will net you with a legendary item and a piece of Mystery Candy. You'll also receive a Spooky Treat Bag, which you can open to receive rewards like consumables, ammo, and even a chance at some Halloween themed loot!"

The Mystery Candy secured from fighting the Spooky Scorched can be used to grant five random buffs, but Bethesda advised hanging onto a few pieces so that you can offer them to people who come visit your C.A.M.P. over the course of the next few weeks. That's because the game's also having a Trick or Treat event where players get a free candy bowl from the Atomic Shop which can hold Mystery Candy for others to pick up when they're tasked with visiting players' settlements.

"Until November 2, all Dwellers will receive Daily Challenges to trick or treat at others' C.A.M.P.s, as well as Daily and Weekly Challenges to hand out treats from their Spooky Candy Bowls," Bethesda said.Each of these Daily Challenges that you complete will grant you one of several possible rewards, like a consumable item, Perk Card Pack, Lunchbox, Repair Kit, or some S.C.O.R.E. Additionally, Weekly Challenges to give candy to trick-or-treaters can award you S.C.O.R.E., rare crafting materials, or even Halloween costumes. If you manage to complete both Weekly Challenges, you'll also receive the new Popcorn Machine that you can build in your Appalachian abode."

Fortnite's Halloween festivities are scheduled to begin on October 19th and will run from then until November 2nd.