'Fallout 76' Update Brings Back Some Old Glitches

A new patch has arrived for those taking to the online wasteland of Fallout 76 and though it added [...]

A new patch has arrived for those taking to the online wasteland of Fallout 76 and though it added a few nice features regarding carry weight, it appears that "hello darkness, my old friend" applies because a few returning glitches are back with a vengeance.

The weirdest of returning bugs has to do with bobby pins -- who knew they were so heavy?! There is also an item duplication bug, which can make players "over encumbered" almost immediately.

The last F76 patch is a disaster & Bethesda now silently deletes/removes threads & users from their forum over it from r/Fallout

There is a whole thread about the found issues right here on Reddit, though it appears the original post was taken down and eventually led to a ban? It's unclear, two different posts are saying opposing things but the gist of it looks like the OP has made a few attempts to reach out to the devs in hopes for a fix. At this time, Bethesda has yet to respond.

Having issues arise once a new patch goes online -- especially in the instance of online games -- is nothing new though we can see how the return of pre-existing bugs could be frustrating.

According to Bethesda regarding their latest patch, "With Patch 4 a few weeks ago, we added "Dev Notes" under some of our larger changes. We've done this to provide you with more context behind things like balance and design changes. We will also tackle additional questions as they come in and we'll update this article as needed. Additionally, we've been working on a known issues post that we plan to keep updated as we fix existing bugs, acknowledge and address any new issues that arise, and roll out changes to the game based on you feedback."

You can see the full patch notes right here to see what's new - and different - in Fallout 76. As far as a hotfix goes, we'll have to wait to see if the studio responds to the growing complaints.

Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.