'Fallout: New California' Now Live After 7 Years

After 7 long, painstaking years the team behind the incredibly ambitious Fallout: New California project can now share the fruits of their labor with the world because it is now live, free, and ready to be enjoyed by all!

"It is very exciting times around here," began the mod's creator in the latest diary post. "FNC has been testing since last May with a small group. This week we've been testing with a larger group. Basically just finding any last minute things we can polish off to take some rough spots out of the otherwise glassy finish on the mod. BETA 200 won't be perfect, but it'll be damn close. We're still relying on open beta to have the community join us in making patches and reporting issues. Still worth downloading and playing day 1, but if you want to check back in after a month or two, our final 1.0 version will go live December 14th-15th."

As to how to get in on this long-awaited action, the mod is now available to download on both Moddb and on Nexus Mods, both with detailed instructions on how to make sure everything runs properly. We also put together a helpful guide - found here - that tells you everything you need to know about this impressive project before running for the Vault once more!

It's a huge day for the team. As mentioned, this project has been 7 years in the making with cancellation scares, hard-working volunteer teams, and more all scrambling to see this vision realised. Fallout: New California even has Bethesda's Pete Hines backing the project with his support, which bodes well for those anxious to jump back into the Wasteland and get started on several brand new stories!

It's important to note that Fallout: New Vegas IS required to play but there is a start up menu that gives an option to play the vanilla game, or the mod. "You can start New California or New Vegas. FNC is not like a DLC, it's basically a new game. New start, new world, new player character, all new map -- never even touches New Vegas til the end.

And yes, you will be able to travel to New Vegas after our ending credits. No, you will not be able to take your New Vegas Courier back in time 20 years and play as the Star Player." As mentioned in our previous coverage, "Set in 2260, 20 years before New Vegas and 10 years before Fallout 3,you are the Star Player. An adopted tribalwastelander living in Vault 18. That is where you grew up, surrounded by the events following Fallout 2 just a few decades before you were born."

Players will be able to choose their narrative path by choosing Tackle or Dodge in the opening sequence, "Tackle starts you on the Path of the Warrior and reshapes your story in Vault 18. Who you are, what people think of you, and how you behave are all up to you after that. You open up the option to join Vault Security or Maintenance in this path."


"If you Dodge, you start the Path of the Scientist. You wake up injured with a busted leg and limp through the prequel, helping your robotics teacher repair the Vault's computer network and discovering another side to the story not seen in the other path."

From there, the journey is just getting started! Ready to get busy? You can find the downloads here on Nexus, and here on Moddb.