This Fallout: New Vegas Mod Brings Mass Effect's Jack Into the Wasteland

There are a ton of mods out there that allow players to revisit some of their favourite games while still allowing for a new play experience. The modding community pays special attention to Bethesda's Fallout series and as a die-hard Mass Effect fan myself, this one was just too good - and too authentic - to pass up the opportunity to share.


This Fallout: New Vegas mod comes from 'Nightfable' over on DeviantArt and though Jack was first introduced in Mass Effect 2, this mod aims to bring Mass Effect 3's version into the Mojave desert. That means slightly more clothes and a cooler hairstyle, but same sassy attitude and badass biotics.

To download the mod for yourself, check out the MediaFire file right here. It's free and pretty easy to implement into the game, though the creator did attach a ReadMe file with all of the necessary instructions.

Jack, for those that may not know, was dubbed "Subject Zero" by the pro-human organization Cerberus in-game. With a mouth that would make sailors blush and a sordid past filled with betrayal, pain, and uncomfortable revelations, this is one of the companions (and potential love interests to Commander Shepard) that underwent the most dramatic metamorphisis. Volatile, angry, mistrusting - through a course of survival and learning how to depend on a team, she underwent an incredible change throughout the events of the franchise.

According to the official Mass Effect Wiki page, The tortures of Jack's time as Subject Zero and her subsequent life experiences have rendered her a borderline psychopath, with an unpredictably violent nature and a severely antisocial personality. She has an innate lust for violence, claiming to experience "warm feelings during a fight" due to her physiological conditioning as a child at Teltin (by shocking her for hesitating and stimulating her with drugs whenever she attacked)."


Because of the tortures and betrayals she faced, this character developed a thick skin and a persona to protect herseff. "She has a tendency to spout profanities constantly in conversation and is very easily provoked. Her body is covered head-to-toe in elaborate tattoos and scars, some being remnants of her experimentation, while others mark prisons, kills, and major events in her life. Having been used and abused so many times by people in her life, Jack refuses to trust anyone and is clearly both angered and confused by Shepard's attempts at conversation, being unable to determine what the Commander wants from her."

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