‘Family Guy’ Pays Tribute To ‘Goldeneye 007’ In Hilarious Clip

It’s great to see an animated show pay some homage to a classic video game every once in a while. This week, it was all about Family Guy, which focused on Peter and Meg Griffin as they attempt to break out of a Korean prison the best way they know how -- Goldeneye style.

The clip can be seen above, and, yep, it definitely resembles the 1997 first-person shooter from the Nintendo 64 era -- something we’ve been wanting back for a while, but not likely to get due to rights issues. Still, it looks like Seth McFarlane and his crew were able to recreate the classic appearance of the game with very little trouble. In fact, they had fun with the sequence, even going as far as to having Peter Griffin add some side commentary.

Meg suggests an “impossible video game escape,” to which Peter suggests, “Can it be Goldeneye?” And that’s when the perspective changes to first-person shooter, complete with mission intro, with dossier showing the objectives and everything. (And Peter saying his name James Bond style, of course.)

The show does a good job recreating Nintendo 64’s visual style, but with polished up renders so it doesn’t look too much like a video game. As Meg takes down the guards, Peter notes that it’s “less sad because they don’t bleed” (just like the game). After taking down a few guards, Peter hesitates with one certain one, saying, “Don’t shoot him, he was nice to me!” (But Meg does anyway, in which he simply mutters, “Ah, never mind.”)

Peter adds more notes as you get to a watchtower similar to the one from the game’s opening level, saying, “These guys are terrible shots” as Meg cleans house. He also notes the “almost James Bond music” not quite being in tone with Goldeneye’s soundtrack.

After saying, “Meg, this is what 1997 looked like,” Peter asked if he could go next, before the duo eventually end up at a checkpoint where they dive down into a silo, ending the clip.


It’s brief, but pretty fun, especially for you Goldeneye fans. Now if we can just get an episode where Peter attempts to use a laser watch and ends up burning himself. (You can have that idea, Seth. All yours.)

Family Guy airs Sunday on Fox. Goldeneye 64 is available now for Nintendo 64.