New 'FIFA 19' Video Shows How Broken Penalties Are Sometimes

fifa 19 goalkeeper

Most soccer players will agree that penalty kicks are the worst way to decide a game. And the same applies to a match of FIFA.

And in FIFA 19 specifically, it's an especially horrid way to decide a game because they don't consistently function properly.

There's numerous issues wrong with penalty kicks in the game, but the most glaring issue is when as the player you make the save, but for some reason your keeper doesn't.

Unfortunately for Reddit user TDV85, they came across the issue in force during a recent online match. And the result was what looks like one of the most frustrating experiences I've ever seen.

The drama of a penalty shootout... from r/FIFA

While we all know Thibaut Courtois in real-life is cat litter, in the game, he's one of the highest-rated keepers with shot blocking skills only matched by Jan Oblak. Yet, for some reason in this penalty shootout his hands gloves are coated with Vaseline.

Of course the video on Reddit has many users screaming to God about how the game is scripted (and poorly on top of that), but I'm not sure that's an issue. What I am sure of is penalty kicks aren't great. Since release I've had my fair share of penalty issues, and I've also seen many on the game's official Reddit page complain too.

FIFA 19 penalties are a JOKE from r/FIFA
During the penalty shootout, I was given a corner and scored... from r/FIFA

That said, while penalties have their issues in FIFA 19, and while they are sometimes downright broken, I still think there's more pressing issues that need to be addressed. For example, please remove Ibrahimovic from the game until the currently meta changes.


FIFA 19 is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. And while the game has its issues, it's actually pretty good, as our official review attests to.

"FIFA 19 is one of the best FIFA games in years," reads the review. "A massive improvement over FIFA 17, and a considerable advancement over FIFA 18, FIFA 19 is far from a perfect game, and is still shackled by gameplay inconsistencies and its annual release format, but for the first time since 2016, a new FIFA feels like an appreciable upgrade."