FIFA 20 and More EA Servers Go Down Due to DDoS Attacks

FIFA 20, Apex Legends, Madden NFL 20, NHL 20, Battlefield V, and more EA game servers are down, Electronic Arts has confirmed. At the moment of publishing, the issues began roughly 15 hours ago. Within an hour, these issues were reportedly resolved, but a few hours later the issues came back. That said, as of seven minutes ago, EA has announced that today's issues should have been resolved. According to the official EA Help Twitter account, these issues were the result of a series of DDoS attacks.

EA notes that if anyone is experiencing issues logging in, to contact it. That said, it sounds like the bulk of players shouldn't be experiencing any issues.

"Today we experienced a series of DDoS attacks that we've now been able to resolve," said the official EA Help Twitter account. "If you're still having trouble logging in, please contact us."

For those that don't know: DDoS Attacks is short for Distributed Denial of Service Attacks, any they are pretty common in the video game industry, though not as common as they used. In terms of video game DDoS Attacks, they usually involve a hacker or a group of hackers using multiple machines to login in to servers at once, which in turns causes a crash.

As you will know, this isn't the first time EA Servers have been the subject of these kinda attacks, and this probably won't be the last time. In fact, EA Servers have seemingly been targeted quite a bit lately. Meanwhile, in addition to these type of attacks, servers have also had issues dealing with the influx of players due to the influx of people at home with nothing to do due to the coronavirus.


As for why these attacks happen, it's usually unhappy players, hackers trying to show off flaws in security, or just anonymous hackers looking for attention.

Of course, will be sure to keep you updated as EA discloses more information on the situation. Further, if issues come back like they did last time, we will update this post.