Final Fantasy 7 Remake's Digital Version Won't Release Early Despite Street Date Being Broken

The street date of the Final Fantasy VII Remake may have already been broken in certain regions because of complications centered around the coronavirus pandemic, but don’t think that means that Square Enix is budging on the release date for the game’s digital version. Final Fantasy VII Remake has already arrived in some places in Europe and Australia, but in a response to continued questions about releasing the game digitally ahead of the April 10th release date, Square Enix said it’s sticking to the official release date for that version of the game. The publisher cited logistical concerns and plans for the rest of the physical launch as the reasons behind staying on track for the April 10th release date.

Square Enix’s support site has the answer some Final Fantasy fans might be looking for when wondering why the game doesn’t just go ahead and release digitally if people are already playing it in parts of the world. The answer, as spotted by Eurogamer, acknowledged the frustrations of those who see others are able to play and can’t play themselves but said that the company plans on adhering to the announced release date of April 10th.


“While we understand the frustration of seeing the game for sale in some locations, the bulk of our shipments to retailers around the globe are still scheduled to arrive in stores for our April 10 street date,” Square Enix said. “Also, changing the digital release date at this point-in-time could lead to logistical issues that could disrupt the digital launch for everyone. Therefore, we will be adhering to an April 10 digital release date. Thank you for your understanding.”

The calls for the digital version for the game to be released early have come quickly in light of the game releasing already in certain areas. People have complained of spoilers for the game now that reactions and other content pertaining to the game have been appearing online from those who have the game. It’s release is just a few days away now, so it won’t be long before everyone can play, but it looks like Square Enix isn’t changing its stance in the meantime.