Final Fantasy 7 Remake Reveal for PS5 Could Come Very Soon

We knew that when Final Fantasy VII Remake released last year that it wouldn’t be tied to the [...]

We knew that when Final Fantasy VII Remake released last year that it wouldn't be tied to the PlayStation 4 forever. The game specifically had a one year window of exclusivity to the platform, which clearly seemed to hint that we'd see it elsewhere down the road. Well, based on some new information that has now come about, it seems like we could soon learn when this reveal of bringing the game to other platforms could transpire.

Square Enix announced today on its website that it has canceled an upcoming concert in Tokyo, Japan that was set to feature the music from Final Fantasy VII Remake. The concert was set to transpire on two separate dates between February 12th and 13th but was canceled due to, what else, but concerns related to the ongoing pandemic. However, a performance is still slated to take place on February 13th in a virtual capacity. The concert is also confirmed to feature a video message from Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase which very well could be related to the future of the game and its release on other platforms.

Now, if you're wondering why Square Enix would make an announcement about a video game during a concert of all things, well, this wouldn't be the first time that the publisher has done such a thing. In the past, Square has revealed major pieces of information related to properties like Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy during these live performances. The fact that Kitase is confirmed to show up in some manner seems to suggest that this trend could continue, too.

Obviously, this is just speculation on our part, so don't take any of this as complete truth just yet. That being said, a new leak earlier this month did state that Square Enix would soon announce Final Fantasy VII Remake for both PlayStation 5 and PC. As such, this venue would make a lot of sense to make an announcement of that kind if the leak turns out to be truthful.

Regardless of what ends up happening at this concert, it won't take long for us to find out more given the fact that it's only two weeks out. If anything substantial does end up happening at the showing, we'll let you know at our dedicated coverage hub for Final Fantasy VII Remake right here.

What are you hoping to see revealed at this event next month? Give me your best guess in the comments down below or shoot me over your ideas on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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