Final Fantasy XIV Beta for PlayStation 5 Reveals New Details Prior to Launch

Square Enix's popular MMO Final Fantasy XIV is finally going to take its first steps into the next generation of gaming when it comes to PlayStation 5. Although this won't be the full release of the game on PS5, the open beta phase is what is set to kick off. Prior to that release, Square Enix has now briefed fans on what they can expect before taking part in this trial period.

Outlined on the PlayStation Blog, Square Enix has explained more of what this open beta for Final Fantasy XIV will look like. As a whole, the beta itself is one that won't limit "what you can play." Because of this, Square Enix has actually said that this will be a great time for new players who haven't experienced Final Fantasy XIV before to jump in.

Speaking more to what really makes this a "beta" and not just a full release, Square Enix's Shoichi Matsuzawa touched on this point. "During the open beta period, players who own the PS4 version of FFXIV can experience all of the same content, but on PlayStation 5," it was said. "The Worlds (or game servers) that you'll connect to are the same ones that players on PS4 and other platforms play on, and there are no restrictions from a functionality perspective for open beta participants. We are launching into an open beta as a precaution, since there is a massive amount of existing content in FFXIV. If we do not see any critical issues, we plan to transition straight into official service."

As far as the graphical upgrade that Final Fantasy XIV will be going through, Matsuzawa also touched on this. The game can run at either 2160p (4K), 1440p, or 1080p depending on the TV that you may own. If FFXIV is running at its highest resolution, it should output a frame rate that's around 40fps. Those on lower resolutions should then be able to hit 60fps most of the time.

When it comes to other major changes, Square Enix has also altered the UI for Final Fantasy XIV on PS5. Fast travel has also now been upgraded thanks to the console's faster loading speeds. Lastly, the DualSense has also now been given haptic feedback functions to work in tandem with what is actually happening within Final Fantasy XIV.


As a whole, this sounds like exactly what longtime FFXIV players have wanted out of a next-gen iteration of the game. We'll see if all of these upgrades are as good as they sound though when the MMO arrives on PlayStation 5 tomorrow, April 13th. Conversely, you can also play the game right now on PlayStation 4 and PC.