Final Fantasy XV's Director Asks Fans If They Want a New Ending For the Game


Final Fantasy XV is back in the spotlight with all of the reveals lately concerning the Windows Edition for PC players. With four more episodes slated from now until 2019, and quite a few cosmetic packs as well, there's definitely a lot to love about the latest adventure starring Noctis and his boy band. But what if we could get a new ending all together?

That's the question the game's director, Hajime Tabata, posed to fans during the closing celebration for the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary. The last day of the festivities ends today in Tokyo and during the closing event, Tabata-san asked fans what they would like to see next. According to one Twitter user, the director asked if they would like to see a "happy end" in addition to a "super bad end."

With both the Windows Edition and the Royal Edition coming out and all of the additional content currently in the works, it wouldn't be a bad idea to flesh out how the story could end. Though the game itself was beautiful, many docked it for its perceived "unfulfilling" ending. By creating at least two major branches for the story to go, it could help bridge that distance many players felt when completing the main storyline.


Personally? I loved the ending. Without spoiling anything, the closing events had me in tears and I missed the journey so much after completion. Luckily post-launch events kept me coming back, but I didn't feel that disconnect that many players were reporting. That being said, I definitely wouldn't turn down a super happy ending for our heroes because these characters were lovable and they all deserve good things.

Such a casual question to ask fans. Could it have been mild curiosity or could this mean that the story will be opening up in even more ways for the future? I'm trying very hard not to get my hopes up and failing miserably, feel free to tell me I'm not the only one hoping for an extension of the story's end in the comment section below and tell us all of your thoughts on all things Final Fantasy XV.