Fire Emblem Engage Wave 4 DLC Gets a Release Date

Fire Emblem Engage's fourth and final DLC from its Expansion Pass now has a release date with the Wave 4 content drop scheduled to happen on April 4th. Nintendo announced the release date for that DLC this week alongside a new trailer showing off some gameplay and different versions of familiar characters players can expect to see in the DLC. It also hasn't gone unnoticed by fans just how quickly Nintendo has moved through this DLC which has sparked speculation that a new Fire Emblem game reveal may not be as far away as some might have thought.

The trailer for the Wave 4 DLC can be seen below if you want to preview the new content and see if any of your favorite characters make a return here. From the looks of it, the DLC contains alternate versions of popular characters like Alcryst, Griss, Zephia and more. It's also got a new story and more for players to play through. It's worth pointing out, however, that Nintendo's tweet says the DLC will be out on April 4th while the video itself says the release is set for April 5th. April 4th does seem like the more likely date in this case given that it falls on a Tuesday. 

Over on Nintendo's store listing for the Expansion Pass, details on Wave 4 are slim at the moment. We know the new story will be called "Fell Xenologue" and that the DLC will have new characters, locations, maps, and class types for players to experience, but specifics beyond what's been said there and shown in the trailer haven't yet been revealed.

As Fire Emblem Engage players may have already noticed, this Expansion Pass for the game has moved quite fast in terms of release cadence. The first of the waves of DLC was released on January 20th, the same day that the game launched, with two more released after that. With this new DLC coming out on April 4th, that'll mean that the game's blown through its four planned DLCs in fewer than three months. 

Does this mean Nintendo is gearing up for another new Fire Emblem announcement? That's what some are speculating with people already looking to manifest a Fire Emblem announcement during Nintendo's summer plans, but Nintendo hasn't given any indication at this time that the next game in the series is in the works.