Nintendo Switch 2 Rumor Leaks First Specs

According to a plethora of rumors, a new Nintendo console is releasing next year, and many of these rumors agree that it's going to be successor to the Nintendo Switch rather than a brand-new idea from Nintendo. The latest rumor comtinues these previous rumors and provides insight into some of the tech the console will make use of. It comes the way of Korean industry insider OreXda, who has proven reliable with similar and accurate leaks in the past. 

According to the leaker, the next Nintendo console will make use of a new NVIDIA Tegra chip that will be built using Samsung's 5nm 5LPP. This runs contrary to previous rumors that claimed the console's NVIDIA Tegra chip was going to make use of Ampere architecture. 

For those familiar with the technology, this is not very surprising. It's looking like the Switch successor will be an upgrade on the tech of the current one, but not a massive upgrade that changes the experience of gaming on the hybrid console. If the Switch successor releases with this tech next year, it will be launching with some fairly outdated innards. This is fine for those expecting just more Switch, but if you were hoping for something that brings Nintendo gaming closer to PS5 and Xbox Series X, it's looking increasingly unlikely.  That said, while this technology is outdated it would be an upgrade on the aforementioned Ampere architeture. 

As always, take this rumor -- and the speculation it has generated -- with a grain of salt. This is not official information, and even if it's accurate, it doesn't mean it's going to remain accurate. Plans change, though if the machine is gearing up for production then a last minute change would be complicated to say the least. 

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