First EA Sports F1 24 Trailer Revealed

EA Sports F1 24's first trailer hints at revamped Career mode and much more.

Since coming under the Electronic Arts umbrella, F1 developer Codemasters has continued to churn out solid games each year. Part of that is because Codemasters' track record for solid, on-track racing is without many blemishes and the team continues to iterate. They also continually find new ways to make an intriguing career mode that satisfies single-player fans. With the reveal trailer for EA Sports F1 24, both of those features were on full display. While we'll still need to see F1 24 in action, things are trending in a positive direction once again for Codemasters.

EA Sports F1 24 Reveal Trailer

As you can see in the trailer above, Codemasters and Electronic Arts are still keeping quite a bit close to their chest. After all, F1 24 isn't out for a few more weeks, and the team wants to keep building hype with deep dives into all of the new modes and updates coming this year. However, the team did talk about a few changes in an accompanying blog post, giving fans their first idea of what's coming with Codemasters' new Dynamic Handling system. 

The team spent some time working with three-time world champion and cover boy Max Verstappen to iron out some of the kinks and "redefine the feel of the car to produce a realistic and predictable performance across wheel and pad." That means all kinds of little changes that should greatly impact the on-track feel, giving you a better experience. Codemasters' senior creative director Lee Mather says, "The new handling model, powered by EA Sports Dynamic Handling will enable players to get maximum performance from their car, with authentic physics giving them the confidence in racing wheel to wheel with their rivals."

Of course, all of that fancy talk is hard to quantify without first getting your hands on a controller. What's potentially more interesting for now is the changes the team is making to career mode. The overhauled mode puts players "into the shoes of F1 drivers from the 2024 grid, up-and-coming competitors from the world of F2, or legendary past racers in the form of Icons." Each driver will have several short- and long-term goals to complete, giving you something to always work toward. You can also jump into a two-player career and race as friends or rivals. There's also a shorter "Challenge Career," where players can try out a mini-season before jumping into a full, 24-race season.

EA Sports F1 24 Release Date

EA Sports F1 24 launches on May 31st on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. However, if you purchase the Champions Edition (which has Verstappen on the cover) you can hop in three days early on May 28th. Either way, fans won't have to wait much longer to pick up F1 24. Remember, the team is dropping deep dives on topics like gameplay and career mode over the next few weeks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled if you're looking for the latest F1 24 news.