This Fondant Take on Pokemon Sword and Shield's Flapple Looks Good Enough to Eat

Video games inspire a lot of awesome creativity from the people who love them, and the Pokemon franchise is no exception. Take, for example, this custom Flapple created by Twitter use @Splatkelly. She recreated the newly introduced Grass/Dragon-type Pokemon using a single, carved out apple, fondant and a wire frame. It looks very cool, but it likely took some work putting the whole thing together! In order to keep the apple pieces from turning brown during the photo shoot, @Splatkelly soaked them in salt water. All in all, it's an impressive, and tasty looking, take on one of Sword and Shield's most unique new creatures!

This is not the first version of a Pokemon @Splatkelly has made out of food. In fact, the pastry chef has been recreating a handful of the Galar region's most memorable new creatures out of edible materials since the game released, including an Alcremie made with butter cream and fondant, a Gigantamax Alcremie birthday cake, and the other members of Flapple's evolutionary line, Applin and Appletun. Appletun's back is even made out of homemade pie dough!

While @Splatkelly seems focused on recreating Pokemon from Sword and Shield at the moment, she has also made edible pieces based on a number of other Pokemon. These include cake pops based on Spoink, and curry made to resemble Pikachu and Eevee. For fans of Pokemon and food, her creations look both fun, and delicious! All of these creations and more can be found at @Splatkelly's Twitter account.


Applin and its evolutions have quickly become some of Pokemon Sword and Shield's most beloved new Pokemon. Applin is a worm-like creature that hides inside of an apple both for protection from predators, and for nutrition. Giving the small Grass/Dragon-type a Tart Apple will allow it to evolve into Flapple, while giving it a Sweet Apple will result in the Pokemon Appletun.

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