For Honor Is Free This Weekend On The PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 owners who have a PlayStation Plus membership will be able to try out Ubisoft’s [...]

For Honor Highlander
(Photo: Ubisoft)

PlayStation 4 owners who have a PlayStation Plus membership will be able to try out Ubisoft's For Honor this weekend completely free of charge, but the deal will only be active for a limited time.

The timing of the trial version of For Honor lines up with the start of Season III that is set to begin on Aug. 15. With the free trial running from Aug. 10-13, it gives players just enough time to build up some progression and decided if they want to continue that momentum with the paid version.

According to a post from Ubisoft communications specialist Chris Watters, the full game and all its game modes and characters will be included in the trial.

"This is the full game, mind you — the whole kit and caboodle, Watters wrote over on the PlayStation Blogs. "It's all of the intense multiplayer action across five modes, as well as the entire campaign (playable solo or in online co-op) that immerses you in the age-old war among the Knights, the Vikings, and the Samurai. Every map and every hero will be available as you take up arms and test your skills in the innovative melee combat system."

For those players who are just now taking their first trip into the For Honor fray, the post also listed several tips and tricks to help out newcomers. A practice mode and a couple of how-to videos that are included in-game for each character are absolutely tools that players should take advantage of since PvP is the core part of this game, and those players who you'll be facing won't care if you're a newbie or a returning brawler.

The ledges are also a hot debate point in For Honor, precarious edges that result in some quick death for anyone who gets pushed off the edge, regardless of their health. A cheap move? Perhaps. But being aware of environmental hazards is important in For Honor for a very good reason, and getting kicked off a cliff is just as much of a threat as it is a viable win condition.

If you should enjoy the free look at the game, players will be able to buy the game for 50 percent off between August 10-20. The third season of For Honor will begin on Aug. 15 with new heroes, so practice your combat skills now in preparation for more ranked duels and other season changes.