Fornite Reveals Battle Royale Mode: 100 Player PvP, Last Man Standing

Love the crazy base building defensive angle of Fornite? Utterly addicted to the high-stakes [...]

Love the crazy base building defensive angle of Fornite? Utterly addicted to the high-stakes battle royale gameplay of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)? We have fantastic news, then. Epic just announced a brand new 'Battle Royale' mode for Fornite, and it's available to test right now. This new 100 person PvP mode won't hit early access until September 26 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Mac but, as stated, if you feel like hopping online and giving it a test run you're more than welcome to! Check out the official announcement trailer above for some early gameplay!

As you can see, the gameplay and last-man-standing hook is clearly inspired by PUBG, and that's not something Epic is ashamed about, either. What sets Fortnite's flavor of Battle Royale apart is, well, everything that makes Fortnite unique in the first place! In addition to the random weapons, health packs, and shields that players will scavenge from the environment, there are also traps and building materials strewn about as well.

Players will be able to construct and place deadly traps to slay their competition, and building defensive structures will be just as much a crucial part of the late-game as it is in Fortnite's standard PvE mode. Who knows, maybe we'll even see PUBG take inspiration from Epic's iteration on the formula and introduce buildable structures? This seems like a huge game changer.

If you love what you see in that trailer, then you'll also be glad to know that Fornite Founder's Packs are currently available at a bid discount. From the press release: "Fortnite will also be available on discount this week at 25% off the Standard and Deluxe Founder's Packs. The price discount runs through Sept. 18. Anyone who owns Fortnite can immediately play Battle Royale in the special Public Test for Fortnite Players that runs now until the launch on Sept. 26."

We love it. More modes and added variety are always a good thing. If you bought Fortnite for its creative PvE mode don't worry, the team at Epic will certainly continue to support and pour into PvE as well. For the more competitive among you, we have a feeling that Battle Royale is going to be your new addiction. We'll see you on the battlefield.