Fortnite Is Giving Players Another Chance to See the Diplo Concert

Epic Games already put Fortnite’s new Party Royale mode to good use by hosting a surprise concert in the mode last night featuring Diplo and Jordan Fisher, but the concert was so much of a surprise that many people missed it because they didn’t even know it was happening. These events always get recorded and put online after the fact, but since watching it is never the same as seeing it in-person through the game, Epic Games is having a rebroadcast of the event to give people another chance to catch the action. It’s scheduled to happen on May 2nd at 10 a.m. ET.

The Party Royale mode was just added to the game last week, so it’s fitting that it’d be welcomed by such an event as this one. The mode gives players a conflict-free area to mess around in, and in last night’s case, that meant tuning in for yet another concert to watch.

For those who missed it, Epic Games announced that it’d be holding another showing of the concert. It looks like this will be the last one based on what’s been said about the event though, so you’ll want to make sure you see this one if you’re interested or else you’ll be stuck watching other players’ experiences on YouTube.

For those who’ve been paying attention to Fortnite’s latest in-game escapades, you’ll known this isn’t even the first concert that happened this month. Before this one, Epic Games welcomed Travis Scott to the game as the artist performed in a dramatic, cinematic experience that was aired multiple times throughout the week. That event brought in a record-breaking number of players, and while this Diplo and Jordan Fisher concert may not bring in similar numbers seeing how it was so sudden, it’s the first time that Epic Games has had two events like these so close to one another.


It’s also an indicator of what can happen in the future in this Party Royale mode. With the mode just being added and already having such big guests in it, the possibilities moving forward are plentiful.

Be sure to catch Epic Games’ rebroadcast of the concert on May 2nd and keep an eye out for any future Party Royale events.

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