Fortnite Just Had a Secret Concert Featuring Diplo and Jordan Fisher

Following last month's in-game Travis Scott concert -- which brought in record-breaking viewership --Fortnite has thrown yet another concert, this time featuring American DJ Diplo, the lead member of the electronic dancehall music project Major Lazer, as well as actor and singer Jordan Fisher. The concert, which was roughly 20 minutes, utilized the game's new Party Royale mode, a newly launched mode that transforms the game into a social hub and safe space by removing the battle royale elements from the game. It's a place to hang out, and it looks like in-game events like concerts and trailer premieres will happen in the mode rather than in the standard battle royale mode.

Unfortunately, while the concert is the first-ever in the mode, it doesn't look like it has generated nearly the same hype the aforementioned Travis Scott concert did, or the Marshmello one before that. And that's probably not only because it was smaller in scope, but because Epic Games hardly advertised the event. In fact, it only tweeted out about its existence 30 minutes before the concert happened.

As a result, it caught many players, streamers, and content creators off guard. In fact, many seemingly missed the concert due to the fact that it was in the Party Royale mode.

That said, if you were one of the many players who missed the concert, don't worry, you can catch the entire thing below, courtesy of Formz Tyson. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of any re-runs, but Epic Games did run the Travis Scott concert several times after the initial premiere. In other words, if you missed it, there may be a chance to catch it in-game sometime this weekend.


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