Fortnite Battle Royale Gets Huge Inventory Update, All Game Editions Half Off

The world of Fortnite is a rapidly growing up. With numbers that continue to climb, steady updates [...]

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The world of Fortnite is a rapidly growing up. With numbers that continue to climb, steady updates to both their Save the World and free Battle Royale game modes, and their commitment to their players, it's no surprise that the latest title from Epic Games continues to do well. For those active players in the online-verse, there's some good news about the universe you so love, as well as an opportunity to take on the Save the World mode for half off!

The folks over at Epic Games took to Reddit to alert fans that they have officially implemented Universal Inventory! This means that players in-game will be able to check their inventory slots without having to hop into a mission. It's easily accessible too, simply go into your armory and boom! Unlimited Inventory.

In addition to the inclusion of a massive inventory update, they did provide a slight update concerning their crafting upgrade delay. Crafting v3.0.0 is slated for later this week, though they are open to even more player feedback! Once the new version goes live, don't hesitate to send in your feedback because Epic has mentioned this is an "ongoing" process. One of the many ways players feel taken care of with the dev team behind Fortnite.

As far as Save the World being on sale, that's not the only aspect of Fortnite that is heavily discounted! Though the Battle Royale mode is free, all additional editions of the game, including their Super Deluxe and Limited Editions, are also half off!

  • Battle Royale - Free
  • Standard Edition - $19.99
  • Deluxe Edition - $29.99
  • Super Deluxe Edition - $44.99
  • Limited Edition - $74.99

All editions, with each upgrade, comes with even more incentives to buy such as exclusive gear you can't get anywhere else. With a game that continues to expand each and every week, and an incredibly active developing team within the player community, we can't recommend Fortnite enough no matter which edition you choose! If you're still on the fence, check out the Battle Royale mode for free to get a taste for the game's style and overall mechanics.

Fornite is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.