Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations Revealed

The Fortnite 1st Birthday Bash is live, and you guys have some exclusive, limited-time challenges to conquer! Fortnite has offered players three unique Birthday challenges to complete before August 7. The first two are a joke: Play 14 matches and dish out 1,000 damage to players. You'll do both of those in no time. The third challenge requires you to find 10 Birthday Cakes on the Battle Royale map and dance in front of them, and that one is very tricky if you don't know where to look. Thanks to "TheSquatingDog" on Reddit, we know exactly where to look:

birthday cake locations
(Photo: TheSquatingDog)

This map was made by TheSquatingDog, and is extremely useful for those of you looking to get that Birthday Cake back bling as quickly as possible. Scattered across the image above are ten different Birthday Cake locations, generally grouped together in twos so you can knock out two or more Birthday Cakes per game. With this information, by the time you complete the "Play 14 matches" challenge, you should also be able to knock out the Birthday Cake challenge as well.

While the cakes are generally grouped together in unique areas of the map, if you're careful, you should be able to knock out G8, I8, H6, and I5 in a single match. Storm circle permitting, you should be able to land in the generally-quiet Fatal Fields, and work your way east and then north to claim the four cakes ending in Lonely Lodge.

Alternatively, Lonely Lodge is pretty quiet as well, and would also be a good place to start. The new "desert" biome is still pretty hot and popular, so we'd recommend against landing there. Let the first batch of players land, take each other out, and scatter first.

By the way, when you find those cakes on the map, you should see slices of cake scattered around them as well. These slices of cake are actually consumables, just like apples or mushrooms. Actually, it's better than both, because it combines the benefits of both. Eat a slice of cake and instantly gain 5 health, and 5 shield!


This morning's update brought a ton of new activities and changes to the game for you to enjoy! Most of you will be excited to learn that the Playground LTM will be returning tomorrow, and it's boasting some significant changes from the last time you saw it. For more on that, you can check out our wrap-up right here.